Retro - June 08, 2020
June the 8th 2020 Best Friend Day in the USA or perhaps some country would like to celebrate today too while counting down till July 30 the International Friendship Day.

We are now almost near mid of June.

June marks the halfway point of the year.

Are we where we want to be in our business, our life?

Are our clients, our children or ove ones halfway toward their big yearly goals?

This year of Pandemic whether is Covid-19 Pandemic, Abuse Pandemic, Social Pandemic and, etc.

We are all as difficult as last June or perhaps before. We all misses alot of good time good things.

There's a lot of time left to make a difference!

With 180 days left to make a splash this year, it's time to share some videos, live streams, social posts, and articles that fires up our audience, love ones and best friend and inspires them to keep their momentum going.

It's easy to give up on our goals, especially when the summer throws off the normal routines of our life. I guess is not normal this year. Don't let discouragement set in. Re-center and re-focus our audience or client, love ones and best friends on their dreams, passions, and goals.

We all know Summer is here.

June also marks the beginning of summer, which means many people go on vacations and spend extended time with family members, back then. But this year 2020 due to restriction and many are Staying at home or stay put in their state or country.

Summer is the time when families start doing things together. We may share our favorite summer memories and post ideas on fun family activities to create lasting memories of their own. You can also share the stay-at-home happening too.

Plus with your own summer holidays coming up, perhaps. We should begin scheduling our emails, social posts, and videos in advance. That way we can take time off, just in case restriction is lifted and still stay
Various - May 24, 2020
Write Therapy. The Covid-19 Abusive Pandemic 2020.

Write Therapy for the abused, depressed, demoralized and much more.

During this Covid-19 Pandemic; we all have learn alot about abused, depressed and demoralized because of income, away from social and much more.

Recently I told a kid about write therapy that may be able to put someones depressions or worries into a book, blog or diary. (Meaning to placing your worries down and improve lifestyle).

I would have been paranoid by now due to domestic issue. I myself use to write anything pertaining depression. Depression may block productivity and self improvement, so I use to write anything on a book whenever I am down.

"What would you do if your partner is not with you every night, in the same house but with someone else you know, for past 18 years." 

"Some 20 years ago. I use to advise my team about writing their problem, worries and goal into a book before resting and doing the same the next day; during my days of marketing training."

"I even thought some kids to write something on a book or anything whenever they are not happy".

This may help them in a way, or at least assist them is finding what they did was right or wrong.

Whether there is such thing as 'Write Therapy' or not. So I do a google search and found out that there is such thing about 'Writing Therapy'.

Which don't even know at all.

And the result during the search is plenty and is more about mental health healing; etc.

Professional therapy treatment maybe very costly that oneself wanting and are willing to cure.

I will highlight how I overcome my own issue in my later article. 

Types of Abuse

As we know
- May 23, 2020
Watch Vegan Cookings Part 2 at

4. Veganism and, Animals.

With all of the greener lifestyles that are being adapted all around the world there are tons of questions about exactly what veganism is and exactly how it pertains to animals. 

For the vast majority of people, it is extremely important to realize that you simply cannot make a sudden change like shifting from eating burgers every day to living a successful vegan lifestyle overnight.
However it is also possible to make some substantial changes that are on the path to becoming vegan and showing animals the respect that you believe they deserve.

Many people in the quest to treat animals better are appalled to learn that many countries use some rather unconventional animals as food; as for this reason many people can take action and triggers their desire to change to a vegan lifestyle, disappointingly some others it is simply another reason in a long list of reasons.  

Some countries are making usage of animals such as bat, dog and snake for their meals and many times people are unhappy to learn about this. Especially during nCoV, Coronavirus or Covid-19 Outbreak.
Sadly to the Vegans world, using those animal for food is much more worse than actually using cows or even poultry.  
This can create quite a controversy but brings about many deep emotions for most people.

A vegan lifestyle involves avoiding all animal products, this includes things that are not commonly considered animal products; such as gelatine, honey and even clothing that is made from wool.  
While this might seem to be a huge complication, those who are devout Vegans argue that harming an animal to consume what they have to offer is even worse.  
This makes it extremely important to take some time to really consider all of your options befo
Food - January 16, 2020
To watch video please proceed to

1. What Exactly is Vegan?
There are so many different phrases and slang terms that are used to describe a healthier lifestyle that often it is virtually impossible to determine exactly what Vegan is and what it is not.  In order to fully understand something it is vital that you will be fully aware of what is expected, and as for many Vegan; it is just an insult if they are confused accidently with another type of eating style.

The primary difference between a Vegan lifestyle and that of a typical person primarily is the lack of meat consumed in a Vegan lifestyle.  However, many people believe that vegetarians will still eat dairy products and other similar foods.  While this is correct, it is a major difference between vegetarian and vegan.  People who are true Vegans do not eat any animal related products, they do not encourage the consumption of animal related products and they also do not wear any animal related products.  This would include items such as milk, yogurt, butter, eggs, leather clothing and also anything that can cause harm to animals during production.

Many people mistakenly believe that Vegetarianism and Veganism are the exact same thing.  However, those who are vegetarian will consume animal related products such as eggs, milk, dairy, yogurt and other similar foods that do not particular cause the animals life to be in danger.  Foods such as meat are still avoided though.  This is a significant difference from Vegan’s who do not consume such foods.  In order to really determine which type of lifestyle is best for you and your family, you would need to look over your typical eating habits.  Many people discover that Vegan is something that is far too strict for them to abide with, on a normal basis and instead opt for a vegetarian lifestyle instead.

Choosing to
Retro - May 26, 2019
Crypto YīGuìMén is convert from the word Crypto Equipment. After many filter and finally translate as Secret Closet. Crypto is Secret and Equipment convert into chinese hanyu pinying is Closet.  In Chinese is written as "衣柜门" or the 'Closet Door'.

To avoid the bockchain cryptocurrency community mistakening within the word equipmemt and the apparel that is selling on our site.

We have taken months to select and collect the image to motivate and remind ourself and to the world of the intrinsic value of the asset, namely either the word Blockchain, Crypto asset her language; including other historical, expensive memorable image and etc.

Recently due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, our product have cater more to gift collection for any occasion that suits for the special someone during this difficult period.

Our product are branded English material that is deliver from the America and the European zone region.

More details can be found in the website itself.

Thank you.

HeuLynch, Sangoh Tan


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