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COVID-19 Processing Times Update. Our current processing times for our main product line of t-shirts is 24 business hours. Our Item is produce and deliver from Europe and the USA.


Crypto YiGuiMen the Secret Closet. Crypto defination is 'Secret' and YiGuiMen is Closet in Chinese pronunciation; earlier is pronounce from the word equipment, we initially wanted  to use. To prevent conflic-interest it is now read as Crypto Yi-Gui-Men.

The first objective is to maintain and create awarness of the intrinsic value of the Cryptocurrency asset that most human being in most country will soon be creating, holding and maintaining the value of this asset. We have create some design that showcase for the Crypto Community and Crypto Ownership.

We have just started and not very much people will notice us. During the state of adjusting our  online shop. We have mix and match in some other graphic T-Shirt and we sold more on Crypto Community designed T-Shirt like the 'intrinsic value prints'. (Time and time we will extract out the non-related print when the business grow).

We are from Corporate Gift distributorship before we explore to the internet world during 2012 and end up forming Crypto YīGuìMén the T-Shirt business in 2017. Before this we were doing bulk supply to well known local corporates and now we are more to end user within America and Europe region.

Cryptoygm material and factory maker is from the America and Europe. (We are able to deliver worldwide if there is an order. Our delivery from our maker is fast because I am the user myself).

We and the maker is very serious about the material and print we use. So we have chosen the expenive branded material from American Brand - AlStyle and Gildan brand of t-shirts for our order fulfillment.

I have been wearing this material for more than 2 years and still maintaining the colour and print ever since I order.

Since the fall of the digital asset during 2017, have dishearted many, distress and lost confident with the blockchain, crypto asset.

Our motive here is to create awareness and promote the Intrinsin-Value of the blockchain crypto asset ownership and the Crypto Commumity.

Crypto-Currency Image and wording printed on the T-Shirt, Cup, Tote Bag and other gift are to increase the value of the asset and awareness. The asset is Intrinsic Value if we calculate in a long run and is intrinsically valuable. Strong Believer like us, we welcome support and create strong believer within the community and hopefully the society.